Coaching makes a difference

Coaching makes a difference

What is Coaching?

Think Distinct Coaching is a focused, professional collaboration with a behavioural change expert that helps you perform at your best and accomplish extraordinary results.

Why Get Coaching?

Coaching helps you get through change and challenge

Perhaps you’re new to management and you want to figure out how to get to grips with the role. Perhaps you are a leader and things seem complicated and “knotty”, people are looking to you to be decisive and strategic. Maybe you want to develop more emotional management or influencing skills because to get things done, you need to work with difficult people. Perhaps there is a particularly tough event, a challenging person, a high stakes meeting, a difficult message or a key presentation that you want to be prepared for. Coaching helps you be at your best so that you can get the job done successfully.

How does Coaching Work?

At Think Distinct, Coaching is a truly unique and client-centred approach. We can’t tell you exactly what will happen in each session because every session responds to your needs. But what we can guarantee is a confidential, highly creative conversation that gets results.

Your Think Distinct coach is both a behavioural and business specialist. A “High-performance hack”, a “change agent provocateur” and a highly empathetic support.  The coach blends state of the art behavioural science with seasoned business acumen. Bringing fresh, innovative thinking and decades of organisational experience.

Each coaching session is a professional collaboration that will help you nail specific thinking and strategies so that you can make a measurable, step change difference at work.  It takes place in a safe and creative space. The aim is to take decisive, effective action, built on reflective practice, strategic self-management and skillful technique.

You’ll get crystal clear on what you want to achieve and how to get there, even if at first things seemed murky, stuck or overwhelming. You’ll learn a clear way of developing and applying the skills you need to overcome the challenge and get the job done.  You’ll practice the kind of finesse you’ll need,  to adapt your performance to new situations, long after the coaching is finished, so that you are more successful, much more of the time, even when those unexpected curve balls come at you.

What do people say about Think Distinct Coaches

General Manager at First Glasgow

“Our coach worked with two of my teams and a number of others in First over the last couple of years. Through his passion, knowledge, expertise, help, support and patience our staff have developed significantly both as team members and individuals which has been translated into overall business performance. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him”.

Regional Security Manager at Technip

“His depth of knowledge and experience is impressive. His integrity and confidentiality are without question and he brings a whole new meaning to “thinking outside the box”

HSE Manager at Technip

“The coaching sessions were great with some really sound advice in analysing situations that developed. He listens well, asking questions in such a way as to get you really thinking and looking at situations differently, not giving an opinion, but improving your own thought process and looking at all sides of a problem or situation. I’d recommend my coach to anyone looking to improve their management skills.”

Think Distinct Coaching Unique features

  • Make hard to crack issues easier to manage by applying a practical behavioural science that describes exactly what, how and why things work and what to do about it
  • Chemistry session to ensure the right fit and style for you
  • Practical and skills based
  • Face to face coaching, support by phone, virtual and email where needed.
  • Clear contract to ensure progress is demonstrable and agreed
  • Aligned with strategic and organisational priorities and measured against both business and personal results where desired
  • Highly flexible sessions, at agreed tactical intervals, focussed on timing for best results
  • Regular agreed progress reviews to check the coaching is working
  • Tailored evaluation where required
  • Pre and post three-way reviews with sponsors where appropriate
  • Themed feedback in person or by report
  • Guarantee results or your investment back

Free Chemistry Session

Take your first step with a free initial chemistry session to assess fit and to talk through any questions. During the chemistry session, we can discuss broadly how each session could be organised, agree levels of confidentiality and make some quick wins. That way you gain clarity and confidence after the chemistry session and are free to decide if coaching is right for you.

Contact us now 0141 297 1419 or email for more information on individual coaching sessions or tailored coaching programmes. Get your free guide  Get The Most From Your Coaching Guide.  

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