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Hi! Andy at Think Distinct here.

If you're reading this, chances are, like me, you love to keep learning and love to stay connected.

One way we can do that is through Practise Points, my short weekly email packed with microlearning and mindful moments.

I really believe most things are learnable when you find the right approach.

In Practise Points I share a mix of bites size nudges to get your brain tingling and deep-dive learning, into all things leadership,  personal development and functional psychology.


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yes, please
Andy Currie - Think Distinct Coach
“You won’t meet many coaches like Andy. He is one of those rare professionals you’re glad you met: an expert in his field who makes you feel at ease and delivers what he promises. I would definitely recommend Andy if you are looking to improve your “self” personally and as a Senior Exec”
Larke Adger BA PgDip 
CMCIH Chief Executive Officer
"Andy delivered high quality, life changing leadership coaching to me. I have recommended him to several friends and colleagues."
Ann Innes
"Andy has a great ability to motivate and build confidence whilst challenging your thought process. I highly recommend him."
Graham Scobie
Training Delivery Manager