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Bespoke Change

A Living Thing

Like an individual, your organisation is a unique living thing. It has its own “personality”, repeating patterns of culture, history, preferences,  habits and its fair share of problems too.

Much of what happens in an organisation is designed to reproduce success over and over, and that can make some types of change difficult. An organisation is complex, with many interconnected moving parts; tug or change one part and like a child’s mobile hanging from the ceiling, the unintended effects can feed back on themselves or pop up somewhere unexpected. Sometimes, it seems, the harder you push, the more problems seem to dig in!

But change we must! And we can figure it out together. It might even be fun! There is usually an easy way and a hard way (at least easi-er! and hard-er!). It all starts with human beings talking to each other, solving problems and taking action.

You are the Experts

You are the experts in your technology, your content and the substance of your business. What we bring at Think Distinct is how to help your people make sense of change and what to do next.

We can’t tell you exactly what “Bespoke Change” means for you, because it’s, well, bespoke! and we need to meet you, and listen to your unique story. Often, the first thing is to cut through the fog, build some clarity and make some decisions.

Maybe you need to abandon outmoded thinking about your business and innovate new ways to create value. Maybe people are stuck! Perhaps there’s an elephant in the room!  Whatever your situation we want to help you get on the front foot and lead change proactively.

What we can promise is precision and principles, we’ll never use a cookie-cutter approach. We’ll help you create solutions that are unique and always have your distinct story in mind. We are able to help you work fast and effectively by drawing on a wide range of approaches from behavioural modelling, the best of Scenario Planning, Agile and Design Thinking. This is our playbook and practice built on deep values, robust ethics and tried and tested techniques.

How do you eat an elephant?

It depends on the elephant? 

We want to work with you to understand what’s special about your situation and create something with just the right fit, just the right touch and to add just the right value for you. We’ll bring our evidence-based know-how, over twenty years of hard knock practical business experience and our unique brand of Distinct Thinking. We eat change for breakfast and we’d love to work with you.
Make a change


Building Your Confidence Fast For New Leaders

I’ve asked 1000’s of new leaders, “what do you want to learn the most first” and they nearly always tell me the same thing. 

They tell me they want to feel confident, and they want to know what to do to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

So I’ve creates this short, 10 minute video session to quickly give you that for free.

You will learn

  • How confidence works and how to get it
  • The 5 quick and real sources of confidence you need in a new management role
  • The fastest way to create value in you business as a new leader
  • How to benchmark your skills against the most stress tested core skills of new leaders
  • The one thing you need to accelerate your experience as a leader