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Technip FMC

Building a Engaging Culture Management Development Programme

Technip had been developing rapidly over several years and wanted to establish a formal management development programme that matched its standards of technical excellence. Once key metrics were identified we worked with stakeholders to architect a bespoke Management Development Programme designed to develop an Engaging management culture, for this Subsea Specialist. The original plan was to create a programme for one year. The first programme was so successful, we were asked to return five years in a row. It followed a uniquely integrated design, comprising of 360’s, line manager engagement, Coaching and experiential workshops. An evaluation robustly demonstrates the transfer of learning, application in the workplace and positive indicators in several key business metrics.

“I have worked with team since 2009. They have provided project management support, executive coaching, facilitation and classroom delivery. I know them to be a high performing unit who built credibility in the business. The programme had a positive impact on the business that went further than our initial expectations.”
Samantha Landsborough
Program Manager (Managerial Leadership), Technip University


Building Your Confidence Fast For New Leaders

I’ve asked 1000’s of new leaders, “what do you want to learn the most first” and they nearly always tell me the same thing. 

They tell me they want to feel confident, and they want to know what to do to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

So I’ve creates this short, 10 minute video session to quickly give you that for free.

You will learn

  • How confidence works and how to get it
  • The 5 quick and real sources of confidence you need in a new management role
  • The fastest way to create value in you business as a new leader
  • How to benchmark your skills against the most stress tested core skills of new leaders
  • The one thing you need to accelerate your experience as a leader