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Leadership in a Volatile World

June 14, 2015

met 3I wonder if you watched The Met: Policing London, the excellent documentary, that began last this week on BBC. I have had the privilage of facilitating Leadership Development with the Met over the last two months.

Like many organisations the Met face a volatile, complex and ever changing world and the demand to be as effective and efficient as possible. Problems are no longer clear cut and even the successful behaviour of the past might not fit the changing context. London faces more diversity than most but again many organisations face similar challenges of engaging and including the diverse people they work with, both internally and externally.

Developing your leadership capacity is the most intelligent response. A simple command and control approach, where a leaders sits at the top can't possibly respond to the pace and subtlety of demand in this interconnected world. Only by engaging people at all levels, communicating deeply and promoting new ideas can an organisation build its capacity for flexibility and adaptability. And its this kind of responsiveness that is required in a volatile world.

The Met do an amazing job, in a most demanding context. What symtoms of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity does your organisation face and how can you respond?

If you want to find out more about our approach to Leadership development. Contact me at [email protected]


Building Your Confidence Fast For New Leaders

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