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Management Matters Master Class for Gleneagles

September 26, 2019

We had an amazing time working with Gleneagles recently, creating for them their first Management Matters Master Class.

Gleneagles, already very much committed to high performance, had just hosted a hugely successful Solheim Cup; the pinnacle of women's golf, so it was a real privilege for us at Think Distinct to take things even further and share our approach to leadership development with around 40 Gleneagle managers from across the business. Our own Andy Currie led the design and delivery.

Get in touch to find out how to bring high performance and leadership to your organisation.


Building Your Confidence Fast For New Leaders

I’ve asked 1000’s of new leaders, “what do you want to learn the most first” and they nearly always tell me the same thing. 

They tell me they want to feel confident, and they want to know what to do to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

So I’ve creates this short, 10 minute video session to quickly give you that for free.

You will learn

  • How confidence works and how to get it
  • The 5 quick and real sources of confidence you need in a new management role
  • The fastest way to create value in you business as a new leader
  • How to benchmark your skills against the most stress tested core skills of new leaders
  • The one thing you need to accelerate your experience as a leader