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The New Career Model: Career Crafting Is Like Parkour

September 3, 2020

The old Career Model:

Traditional careers were like running in the London Marathon.

Endurance was required. There were thousands of people in the race. If you weren't careful people would overtake you.  If all you did was put one foot in front of the other, it could be tediously boring. You had to keep up with others nipping at your heels or have them pass you by. If someone was in front of you, you had to slow down and find your place in the heard.

Many runners hit the infamous "wall" a point in the race where your energy reserves were dangerously depleted. The best advice you got when you hit the wall was push on. 

There was only room for one official winner. There was the occasional novelty entry, someone trying to express their uniqueness, but nobody took them seriously. You ran for long periods in a straight line defined by someone else.

You might cross the finish line but you were exhausted. 

The New Career Model:

Career Crafting is like Parkour!

It's behavioural bricolage! 

It takes dexterity and agility.

You have to continually read the changing landscape even as you navigate through it.

It blends explosive movement with rhythm and cadence. It merges your personal creativity with the ability to create opportunity out of even the smallest foothold.

You don't hit the wall, you leap around it, over it,  find the smallest opening and slip through it. You work in harmony with the natural limits of the environment, using whatever reality you face, as a firm footing to spring or leap to new heights.

You might take an unexpected or apparently unseen path, in a rapid tactical re-calculation. You move can move up, sideways, loop and pivot. Always processing.

You cover more ground. You get there, further, faster and potentially with more fun.

The more you do it, the stronger, more flexible, more agile, more innovative and more skilled you become.

It's never boring and it's never dull!

You can race if you want to but the beauty of this approach is that no one has done it quite like you, and no one ever will again!

In Career Crafting, like Parkour, your path is your personal expression. You measure success on your own terms.

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